Make Your Loan Payment What are the options for paying your Qualstar loan?

We offer several convenient ways to make your loan payment – choose from options that work for making your payment on time, or maybe not quite on time

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QuickPay Online Payment (one-time)

Make a same day payment (if submitted by 5:00pm PST) within Mobile Banking or Home Banking 1 using a debit card (max. $800 payment) or routing and checking account numbers from another financial institution (max. $2500 payment); or click the green button below. COST: $7.50 per payment

Quick Pay Button


From a Qualstar savings or checking account

Make a one-time or recurring payment within Mobile Banking1 or Home Banking. From the “Transfer & Pay” menu, choose  "QCU & External Transfers" – from there you can also choose the frequency to set-up automatic transfers for a specific day each month. Not an Online Services user? Download our Mobile Banking app 1 and enroll for access right from your device (a valid email address on the account is required.)

From another bank or credit union via Online Services

Make a one-time payment or set-up automatic recurring payments from a savings or checking account at another financial institution (routing number and full account number are needed.) From the “Transfer & Pay” menu, choose "QCU & External Transfers," then  “Add Account,” then “External Account”.

Deposit a check to your loan in Mobile Banking

Using the “Check Deposit” widget in Mobile Banking,1 write a check from your other bank or credit union, scan the front and back (be sure to follow endorsement rules), and deposit your check directly to your loan.

1 Carrier data and messaging rates may apply.