Do You Know Your Credit Score? Staying on top of your credit has never been easier!

With one powerful tool, access your credit score, full credit report, credit monitoring, financial tips & education, and personalized offers. You can do this ANYTIME and ANYWHERE with NO FEES.

Our Credit Score Info. tool keeps you connected to your credit score and report any time from Qualstar Mobile (app on device) and Home (browser on PC or laptop) Banking. View your current credit score, receive credit monitoring alerts, access resources and interactive simulations to show you how to improve your score, and find ways to save money on your loans – all from ONE place!

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Checking your score with our Credit Score tool will never hurt your credit. 

It will automatically update every 7-days (you will receive a monthly Credit Snapshot email notification), or you can refresh your score manually every 24 hours. This tool also provides a comprehensive analysis to help you better understand your score, and gives insights on how you can improve it.1

Get a full view of your credit cards and loans, all in one place.

The Credit Score Events feature gives you an easy-to-follow visual view of your entire credit report to monitor your credit usage and balances, watch how your credit score changes over time, and keep an eye out for unusual activity.

Detect and report big changes to your credit score with the help of check-in reminders and timely alerts.

Closely tracking your credit can help you catch fraudulent activity fast and protect yourself against identity theft.

Test the potential impact of opening new credit accounts or paying off balances.

The Credit Score Simulator can help you make better-informed financial decisions by simulating your credit scores before you take those actions – make sure you know the positives and negatives of adding credit and payments to your monthly expenses.

You Could Get Lower Rates & Payments with Personalized Loan Offers2

Based on the information in your credit report, you will also see personalized credit card and loan offers to compare potential rates and payments to help you find the right financing when you need it. And just like checking your credit score, comparing offers in the Credit Score tool never dings your credit, since these are also considered “soft inquiries” on your credit profile. If you choose to apply online for an offer, that action will affect your credit score (a “hard inquiry” is when Qualstar checks your credit to make a lending decision.) Please Note, credit scores listed in the Credit Score tool can differ from those used for approving a loan.

For more information view our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Enroll Today! Simply click on the “Credit Score Info.” widget in Mobile or Home Banking and you’re automatically registered (some users may need to provide additional information, based on having minimal or no credit.)


1 SavvyMoney utilizes the TransUnion Vantage 3 score model. The score displayed in the Credit Score tool is for the primary member on the logged-in account only; joint member scores cannot be displayed.

2 Credit scores listed in Qualstar’s Credit Score tool may differ from those used for approving loans. Offers featured do not represent a guaranteed loan approval. All loans are subject to credit approval based on the applicant’s credit history and Qualstar’s lending guidelines.