Deborah takes another look and finds a solution to this member’s debt situation!

A few months back this member called to request a $10,000.00 personal loan for home improvements. She had recently inherited some property with a mobile home that she wanted to fix up and sell. After starting the application, it was clear she wasn’t going to be approved because she had an extremely high debt ratio so the request was cancelled. She has been a Qualstar member for a very long time and is now a small business owner with lots of credit card debt.

From high rates to lower payments--this member’s financial situation is better, thanks to Gurpreet!

One day in the Renton branch, I educated this member about the personal loan he was pre-approved for and when he said, “I am interested” I asked about credit cards he might have at other banks. He said, “Yes I do have many cards.” So then I asked, “Do you know with a Qualstar Visa Gold card you can do a balance transfer from your higher rate cards with no fee, and we give you 1% cash back?” Then he said, “Can I just consolidate all my credit cards?”…

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