“No words can explain how much this changes my financial life.” It’s the Qualstar Way!

Telling this story made me realize how much we can change a member’s life simply by taking a few moments to ask some questions and see what we can do to help. This member originally called to apply for a higher amount on his personal loan because he needed funds to pay a bill. I submitted the application and it was approved – while I was reviewing his overall financial situation I noticed a loan with a lender that I knew would have a high interest rate…

    Woodstone CU members have voted to merge with Qualstar!


    We are excited to announce that Woodstone Credit Union’s (based in Federal Way) Board of Directors and members have approved the proposed merger with Qualstar. This merger does not affect Qualstar members in any way. Additional details can be found on Woodstone’s website, and we will provide updates as we proceed with the extensive process. Our estimated time-frame for merging Woodstone accounts and loans into Qualstar is Spring 2018.

    Now Accepting Applications for 2018 Scholarships!


    Qualstar recognizes the value of continued education and supporting those people who make the commitment to work toward a goal after high school. Therefore, each year Qualstar will award a set number of scholarships to individuals who are continuing or renewing their education.

    Do you know a High School Senior or adult who is continuing their education? Encourage them to apply today!