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Auto Loans

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4.99 % APR*

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14.49 % APR*

Home Equity Loan

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5.74 % APR*

Visa® Credit Cards

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13.49 % APR*

Our Philosophy

To be the most-trusted financial partner for hard-working people and improve our members' financial lives.

Alejandra C. Member Relationship Representative

Alejandra knew this member’s loan rates were too high, so she cut them in HALF!

This member submitted his application to refinance his auto loan, and I noticed he had another vehicle so I reached out to ask if he would like to refinance that second auto loan since I knew we could save him money – he really liked that idea. He had a 15.64% interest rate on the current loan and we approved him at 6.49%, saving him about $50 a month! He was very happy with the savings, and when I asked what his credit card rate was he said he had never checked.

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Julian A., Member Relationship Representative

Julian knew OUR credit card rate would beat “their” credit card rate!

A member came in to the branch to ask some questions about the status of his loan, so we sat down and I helped with the final steps to get his loan funded. Through that process I came across some unfortunate information – he had a pretty significant credit card balance at another “bank” with a whopping 28.74% annual percentage rate!

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Frances W., Lending Member Advocate

Frances knew a line of credit was the best option for this member!

A member called us because she needed to do some home repairs – she owns her home outright, but had been putting the expenses on a credit card, and she thought an equity loan might be a better idea. I agreed it was a GREAT idea, since she would get a much better rate by using the equity in her home to borrow the funds she needed. 

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About Us

We recognize the realities of life and money, and appreciate what it means to work and save to give your family the kind of life you’d like them to have. We relate to our members not simply in terms of what they need, but in recognition of who they are – honest and hard-working.

At the heart of Qualstar is nothing less than being true to the ideas of what a credit union should be about – finding ways to improve members’ lives. Whether it’s simply knowing our members’ names when they walk through our doors, showing them how they can save money on their loan payments, or helping them rebuild their credit – they should always know that their best interest is our best interest.

Simply put…we’re not here to make money, but to help our members make better use of theirs. We work hard to live up to that every day.

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