Gold or +Rewards VISA Credit Cards...choosing either one is a WIN!

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Of course she remembered Falana…and came back for MORE GREAT SERVICE!

I received an email from this member, asking me to contact her about an auto loan. I was happy she remembered I helped her back in 2017 and 2018, and I replied to thank her for thinking of me and let her know I am now in Federal Way. After we connected and got her pre-approved for a new car, I asked what’s new since so much time had passed since we last worked together. She mentioned she recently purchased a home and has a new job, and since we had just submitted an application for her auto loan, I asked if she had ever considered a home equity loan for debt consolidation and I made sure she knew there are no closing costs.

Catherine comes through for our members, especially when times are tough.

While running a Personal Line of Credit application for this member, I noticed he had additional loans and credit cards and thought we might be able to turn around his whole financial life! I called to let him know we could potentially refinance his auto at a better rate and also use the equity to consolidate his other outstanding balances. I shared the numbers with him, and he said it sounded like a great deal but he needed a few days to think on it. His debt was related to a recent divorce, so I knew I wanted to make sure we could get him into a better financial situation – he promised to call me back soon.

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