Matt’s Journey with This Member Ended with SAVINGS of OVER $20,000!

Back in May, this member came in to do a couple transactions and I saw she was pre-approved for a Gateway Line of Credit. Talking about it with her, it became apparent a Gateway was not what she needed so I started to give her information about our other loan options. We passed by credit cards, autos, personal loans, and we ended on home equity loans – Ivonne assisted me with giving the member all of the necessary information.

    You're a part of the QCU Community!


    As an organization that serves members from many communities, we have made a commitment to support events and efforts that directly impact our membership. Most notably, our partnership with local Boys & Girls Clubs which includes fundraising and volunteering throughout the year.

    For a list of other events we are sponsoring, please visit our QCU Community page.

    Make sure your financial situation has BALANCE...


    From savings goals and debt repayment to identity theft and disaster recovery, our financial fitness partner BALANCE offers several resources and options for keeping your money in check. And, since you’re a member of Qualstar their services are provided at NO CHARGE.

    Check out our Financial Education page for all the details and how to contact BALANCE.