This member and I have been working together for a long time. One day I was helping him with a transaction, and asked about any credit cards he might have. Turns out he had 18, most of which had been maxed out. This was in addition to a couple of other loans with balances – all totaling a little over $15,000…read more of Ivonne’s story here.

    Woodstone CU members have voted to merge with Qualstar!


    We are excited to announce that Woodstone Credit Union’s (based in Federal Way) Board of Directors and members have approved the proposed merger with Qualstar. This merger does not affect Qualstar members in any way. Additional details can be found on Woodstone’s website, and we will provide updates as we proceed with the extensive process. Our estimated time-frame for merging Woodstone accounts and loans into Qualstar is Spring 2018.

    True Stories of Passport Savings

    Passport Corporate

    Here are some great examples of how people are saving with the Passport instant savings benefit on our credit cards…read the stories here!