Brittany's communication skills came in clutch for a savings of $14,000!

At the Kent branch we recently helped a husband and wife who are hearing impaired, but can communicate easily by writing and of course sign language. They came in expressing their interest in applying for an equity loan, so we sat down and started the application. Due to their specific communication needs, we hadn’t discussed any loan options that might help their financial situation in any of their previous visits to a branch so I figured it was about time!

Ornelle & Falana Are a GREAT Team, Helping This Member Save Over $350 a Month!

I was working with a member who was pre-approved for a Visa Credit Card – when I told him about it, he said he already had enough cards so I made sure he knew about our 1% Balance Transfer Rebate. He became very interested and agreed to proceed with the application. During our conversation, I found out he had an auto loan, so I told him we could also look into refinancing it at a lower rate and maybe even a lower payment…

    ConGRADulations 2018 Scholarship Recipients!


    The six (6) winners of our 2018 Edward G. Streuli Scholarship program have been chosen – please join us in congratulating…

    Taija Bjorgo
    Carly Strayer
    Claire Perrin
    Jessica Sudweeks
    Orla McAlinden
    Tiffany Flemetis

    Photos and school information is available on our Scholarships page.

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    As an organization that serves members from many communities, we have made a commitment to support events and efforts that directly impact our membership. Most notably, our partnership with local Boys & Girls Clubs which includes fundraising and volunteering throughout the year.

    For a list of other events we are sponsoring, please visit our QCU Community page.