That feeling you get when you help a member SAVE A LOT OF MONEY.

This member visits the Seattle branch regularly and I started working on his auto loan refinance back in 2018. At that time he said he couldn’t apply because he was working on improving his credit, but he promised to come see me as soon as he got to where he needs to be. From that point on, he would come in occasionally and update me on his progress; and I even offered some advice on what he could do to improve his credit. Fast-forward to a couple of weeks ago, when he walked into the branch and walked straight to my window. We did his transaction, and I told him I believe it’s time to look into refinancing that car. He asked me to call in couple weeks so we could talk about it. I put a reminder in my calendar, and when I called to see if we could start the application process he said, “You caught me at a good time, so let’s do it.” We did the refinance application over the phone, and I told him I’d call as soon as we received a decision back from lending. While processing his application, I noticed there were other loans we could help with…

    Congratulations to our 2020 Edward G. Streuli Scholarship Winners!


    Congratulations to our 2020 Edward G. Streuli Scholarship winners! Each recipient will receive $2000 to use toward continuing their education at a college, university or trade school for the 2020/2021 school year.

    For more details go to our Scholarship page.

    You're a part of the QCU Community!


    As an organization that serves members from many communities, we have made a commitment to support events and efforts that directly impact our membership. Most notably, our partnership with local Boys & Girls Clubs which includes fundraising and volunteering throughout the year.

    For a list of other events we are sponsoring, please visit our QCU Community page.