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New Auto Loans

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4.99 % APR*

Used Auto Loans

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4.99 % APR*

Recreational Vehicle Loans

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5.99 % APR*

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5.99 % APR*
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Auto Refinance

    Relief from high payments and rates! Move your existing auto loan to Qualstar, and we may be able to lower your rate and your payment.

    Making your current auto loan rates and payments lower is our specialty. If you have financing that isn’t the best it can be, simply give us a call to apply and we’ll see if we can give you a better deal.

    Auto Purchase

    Or, when you’re ready to purchase a new (or used) car, call us to get pre-approved. You can also go directly to the dealer and tell them you’re a member of Qualstar to get financing right at the dealership through the CUDL network!

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    • 90 Days NO Payments!*

      Whether you’re purchasing a new car or switching your existing auto loan financing to Qualstar, you may be able to take a vacation from your loan payments and use the money for other things…unexpected expenses, paying off other bills, or even an actual vacation! With the national average new auto loan payment at $716.00 per month ($526.00 for used autos)1, that could end up being a lot of extra CASH for your pocket!

      No payments for 90 days offer is for new/used purchase or non-Qualstar refinanced vehicles; not available on in-house refinances or loans approved though our First Time Buyer program. Interest begins accruing on the day your loan is funded.

      1Source Credit: Bankrate

    • Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

      Pay LESS for GAP Coverage on Your Vehicle
      To cover the cost to replace your vehicle in the event of a complete loss, add GAP coverage at the dealership to your loan for a lot less than the dealership price.

    Recreational Vehicles

    You work hard.
    And when you play, you play hard…because you’ve earned it! Qualstar loans are available for your favorite pastime, so you can leave a hard day’s work behind in the dust or wake. Hit the open road…or sea…or lake…or trail!

    Recreational loans are offered all year long…buying “off-season” could mean a better deal for you!

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    First Time Auto Buyer

    When it’s time to purchase your first car, you want reasonable rates and terms just like people with “A” credit. Our First Time Auto Buyer Program is designed for members with limited credit history who also meet other qualifications, with rates much lower than a dealership.

    First Time Buyer Qualifications:

    • No credit score, or 620+
    • No previous auto credit history
    • Minimum 6-months of employment history with income verification
    • No late payment history on any credit accounts
    • Proof of auto insurance
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