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Our goal is to make the process of getting your mortgage as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Visit our Home Loan Center for current rates, connect with a Loan Advisor, access a helpful FAQ, and more!

In addition, check out 9 Steps to the Home Buying Process as well as these additional resources from Fannie Mae:

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First Time Buyer or Not Sure Where To Start?

Whether you’re looking to refinance or purchase your first (or next) home, a Loan Review is the perfect place to start – provide some basic info. on the next screen and we’ll take it from there. It doesn’t have to be a confusing or frustrating process – our Mortgage Loan Advisors will find the best options to work with your financial situation and walk you through the steps – let us take the worry out of the process!

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  • Home Loan Checklist

    Following is a list of the documents you will need in order to complete the mortgage loan application:

    • Most recent pay stubs representing a minimum one month period, for all borrowers (copies).
    • Addresses of all borrowers for past two years.
    • Name and addresses of employer(s) for last two years.
    • Copies of W-2 forms for last two years.
    • Bank statement copies for all accounts over past two months.
    • Other income verification (if applicable). This could include rental agreements, notes receivables, retirement income, child support, etc.
    • Purchase and Sale Agreement copy – all pages.
    • Deposit for appraisal, credit report, and title insurance.
    • Other assets being used for down payment and closing costs. This could include closing statement on sale of existing property, stock options, documentation of sale of assets (example: car), etc.
    • Homeowner’s insurance information (name of company, agent, phone number).
    • Landlord information for past two years (name, address and phone number).

    If Self-Employed:

    • Current profit and loss statement.
    • Current balance sheet.
    • Tax returns for past two years (personal and corporate, with all schedules).
  • Typical Mortgage Process

    Following is an example of what you can expect through each phase of the Mortgage Loan process:

    Let’s Get Started

    • Contact Qualstar’s Real Estate Lending Department for pre-approval. You can either contact us by phone at 1-800-848-0018, or fill out our online Mortgage Application.
    • Once your application is received, a Real Estate Lending representative will contact you to set up an appointment for an application and credit review. (See the Mortgage Loan Checklist for a list of required items to bring with you to the appointment).
    • Once the Real Estate Loan representative gives you a credit approval, you can then choose a realtor.
    • You and the realtor will then select and make an offer on a home.

    Paperwork & Documents

    • You make the required deposit with Qualstar Real Estate Lending for the Application Review.
    • Qualstar Real Estate Lending orders a credit report, appraisal, verifications, title, and other required documents.
    • Qualstar Real Estate Lending reviews returned documents, including appraisal and title report.
    • Qualstar Real Estate Lending contacts you (or your realtor) for additional information as needed, including verification showing property work orders are complete.

    You’re Almost Done

    • Qualstar’s Real Estate Loan representative submits the full loan package to an underwriter for final approval.
    • Qualstar Real Estate Lending requests any further information required for approval.
    • Closing documents are prepared and delivered to the Escrow Company.

    The Home Stretch

    • The Escrow Company calls you to schedule an appointment for signing and notifies you of the final dollar amount to bring to closing.
    • You sign the closing papers and deposit the funds.
    • The Escrow Company delivers the deed of trust to the county to be recorded.
    • You get the keys to your new home!