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We’re here to help…and when it comes to talking to kids, tweens, and teens about money and finances, we can all use a little help from time to time!

Our youth accounts are a step in the right direction toward financial independence. At every stage, the children in your life are faced with new choices and challenges when it comes to making decisions about money. Please use this section of our website whenever you need information, advice, tools, and resources to help them (and you) along the way. For example, if you are a Home Banking and/or Mobile Banking 1 user, you can link your account2 to the youth accounts you are a signer on and transfer funds directly from your account to theirs – paying allowances and giving money as gifts has never been easier!

Even kids fall victim to ID theft. Keep yourself informed about how to safeguard the kids in your life from falling victim to this crime.

Links to Financial Education Sites

These sites offer information for parents as well as cool stuff for kids and teens:
Raising Money Confident Kids
Hands On Banking – Money Skills for Life
In the Mix – Financial Literacy for Teens
Feed the Pig – Tweens
Biz Kids – Junior Achievement
Federal Trade Commission

Handouts, Information and Activities

View these online, print copies, or download the files to your own computer:
Talking to Your Kids About Money
Allowance Game
Spending Game
Money Night
How to Teach Pre-Schoolers About Money
17 Things Every 5-Year Old Should Know About Money
Pre-Schoolers-Using Money to Buy Things
Pre-Schoolers-How to NOT Lose Money
Pre-Schoolers-Earning Money
Pre-Schoolers-Helping with the Shopping
Pre-Schoolers-Money Spent is Money Gone
Pre-Schoolers-Having Fun Doesn’t Have to Cost Money
Pre-Schoolers-Gifts Don’t Have to Cost Money
Pre-Schoolers-Money Storybooks
Pre-Schoolers-Waiting to Spend Money

1 Carrier data and messaging rates may apply.

2 Transfers between linked accounts must be previously set-up by contacting us at 1-800-848-0018.