How can Qualstar help you achieve your financial dreams?

  • Lower your monthly payments to keep more money in your pocket?
  • Consolidate your debt into one manageable monthly payment?
  • Shorten your loan term and pay off your debts faster?
  • Build your credit while saving for a large purchase?
  • All of the above!

If too many credit card and loan payments are holding you back, we can help! By moving your high rate debt to Qualstar, you could save hundreds (or even thousands) over the life of your loan.

Here are just some of the Debt Consolidation options available:

Unsecured Personal Loans and Line of Credit

Consolidate loans from other finance companies or pay off payday lenders by borrowing funds at a low rate, possibly resulting in a lower payment1.

Low-Rate Visa® Credit Cards

Transfer your other card balances and get a 1% rebate applied to your balance with NO transfer fee.2
Two card options are available, both with low rates and fees, plus extra benefits.1

Equity Loans

Whether it’s using the equity built into your home or refinancing your auto loan to use the equity available in your vehicle, those funds borrowed at a low rate can decrease your combined monthly payments into ONE lower payment1.

Get started with a Loan Review!

Rather than putting you in a loan that works for us, we’ll look at your entire financial picture to provide creative solutions that will help you achieve your financial goals. You’ll be on your way to financial fitness in no time! If you’d like to explore how Qualstar can help lighten your monthly bills and keep more money in your pocket, simply complete the Loan Review request form below, or…


1 Loan approval, rate, term and other offers are based on the applicant’s credit history, income verification, LTV and Qualstar’s lending guidelines.

2 1% rebate offer does not apply to Equity VISAs; max. $150/year in rebates allowed; applied as a credit to the card balance. For full credit card program and promotion details, go HERE.

3 Carrier data and messaging rates may apply.